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Fanfiction Submission Guidelines

Yes, Archer*Trip accepts fan fiction.

Archer4Trip will read them and his able and talented staff will archive them.

Send an email to and A4T will respond. Once you hear from him, it's easier for him if you send the story as a Word attachment. If you don't have Word, you may send the story in the body of your email. If we don't accept a current story, it doesn't mean we won't accept one in the future. We will explain any reservations and you may submit a revision if you wish.

Here are our guidelines:

1. We are looking for well written stories with real plots that revolve around the characters in the television show, "Enterprise," specifically using Commander Trip Tucker. We look to see that the author has made some effort to keep the characters in line with the way they are portrayed in the series. While varying from their representations on the television show is to be expected within fan fiction, the characters should be recognizable to any reader *even without their names attached* and, even with variation from the original, should remain consistent to the way you have depicted them within your story.

2. Only 'shipper fan fiction about Archer/Trip will be accepted, but other fiction will be forwarded to the sibling sites at the House of Tucker that deal with Trip alone (or in non-shipper stories), Trip/Malcolm and Trip/T'Pol.

3. We do not seek out NC-17 stories, but we will publish them if the adult content is appropriate to the story. All chapters of NC-17 stories *even those with G to R-rated content* must be accessed through a page in which the reader acknowledges he or she is 18 or over.

4. We expect Trip to speak grammatically. The character on the show speaks with an accent characteristic of the American South; he does not speak ungrammatically. You may choose to write his accent ( "cap'n," "pleased ta meetcha," "talkin' " etc., assorted swears) but if we accept your story, we will change any double negatives, use of "ain't," or any attempts to write him as uneducated.

5. Be sure to include a disclaimer that Paramount owns the series and the characters and that you are not making money off your stories. If you leave off a disclaimer, we will put one in for our protection.

6. Give your story a rating [G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17], and some genre listings as hints for the reader: Romance, Angst, Drama, Friendship, Mystery, Action/Adventure, etc. We may alter your rating and genre categories.

7. You may wish to include a one or two line summary of the story at the beginning, but it isn't necessary.

8. Indicate whether it is okay for others to archive your story.

9. You may choose to give your email address.

10. We publish unfinished stories as long as the author continues to update them. If you know you will not be finishing a story, please let us know so that we can either alert our readers, or remove the story from the archive. If a story is not updated for a year, we will contact you before removing it. If we do not receive a response within 30 days, we will remove it from the archive. That gives writers one year and one month to update.

We hope this hasn't been too intimidating. We *are* looking forward to reading your stories.

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