The groundbreaking imagery of Helyn Highwater now graces these pages.   Enjoy this gallery.

Sweet Dreams

In this playful piece, Ms. Highwater juxtaposes
images of a smiling and interested Trip
around the sleeping Archer. Ironically, the
Archer image is taken just after Archer says,
"Take a nap, Trip!" ("Unexpected") Each Trip
image seems to be looking at the Cap'n
in its own way, and saying 'Sweet dreams.'


This charming split screen shows our two men
glowing in the light of a fire (from the
episode "Rogue Planet"). The composition is
excellent as is the color, richly saturated
warm tones. Although Trip and Archer
never sat this close, they should have.
A striking face-to-face comparison.


This work plays on the mirage-like images of
Desert Crossing, seeming to ask the question,
"Did it really happen? Were they really so close?
Was it a delirious dream?" Trip can be seen
in various poses, all washed in a soft sand tone.

Helping Hands

This daring TRIPtych shows the closeness of
Archer and Trip, from "The Andorian Incident"
at top left to "Desert Crossing" at top right.
The imagery of Firelight is repeated
in the bottom triangle, emphasizing their closeness
as a basis for the actions in the other two parts.
On the left, Trip helps Jon as he tries
to stand up after being beaten. On the right,
Jon places his hand on Trip to help him
continue walking in the desert heat.

Desert Crossing

Another from the classic episode, this one a blending
of shifting sand dunes and a collapsed Trip,
whom Archer must now save. Ms. Highwater
cleverly adds a strong beam of sunlight
in the middle of the picture, to stress
the heat and brightness, while also seeming
to shine directly onto Trip. Notice the angle of
Archer's right arm, the angle of the sunbeam
and the angles of the receding dunes. The repetition of
this form echoes the style of "Helping Hands".


What can one say about this except to marvel
at the eyes. Is their attraction an "elemental" force?
Do they have a shared future out among the stars?
This recent work of Ms. Highwater is
a much more dramatic split screening than Firelight,
drawing the viewer in and holding him/her there.

The Rest of the World Slips Away

A small moment, caught for all time.
One look at Trip and the rest of the world
just dissolves. Archer has learned the power
of focusing and the power of his
Chief Engineer to be a major distraction.
A most compelling image.

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