Trip & Jon Do the CON #10

A handful of people have made comments

"This place looks familiar."

(Silik) "Farewell, cruel world!"

(Jon) "Did you hear something, Trip?"
(Trip) "Don't think so, Cap'n."
(Jon) "Oh well, musn't have been important. Hmm. What is this place? It seems strangely home-like."

Trip: I just love Star Trek! Did you see the one where Kirk sleeps with that girl who was really just tricking him?

Jon: That's like every episode Trip.

Trip: Yeah... have ya seen it then?

Silik: "Why yes, I am a member of the premiere Suliban Village People impersonator group..."

Silik: Freedom! (See's Jon and Trip) Damn it! You again... back into the box then.

Jon: Did you hear something...?

(If you don't get it, go veiw Trip & Jon do the CON #3)

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