Trip & Jon Do the CON #11


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1st pic:
"Resistance is futile." Trip: "Hey, get your fingers off me!"
2nd pic:
Trip: "I feel better already."

(first picture)
(Jon) "This wasn't *quite* what I meant when I said I wanted to get more 'hands on' with the problem"

First Picture...
"Since when did the borg get a balloon in the Thanksgiving parade?" "Yeah, and why are we on it?"

Second Picture
"I can see my house from here!"

Trip: Where's Malcolm when you need him?

Archer: Singing "Heartbreak Hotel" in the Starlight Lounge.

2nd Picture

Silik: God! They're everywhere! When will I be free?

(If you don't get it see Trip & Jon do the Con #'s 3 & 10)

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