Trip & Jon Do the CON #15

Nine of you have made comments

Trip: "...and I thought the last lizard-guy I met was big!"

pantomime audience: "It's beHIND you!"

Hey! Watch where you're pointin' that thing!

Jon: Oh look, Trip, it's yet ANOTHER of your old flames.

Trip: Listen, Jon, I told you, it ain't my fault if Kaitaama and Ah'Len got into a catfight in the hotel bar. Although Feezal has a hell of a right hook, don't you think?

Lizard Guy: I've got my brand new cooking apron on that granny gave me for, what could I use for filling in a pie?

Trip: Ever feel like your being watched?

Jon: Your just being paranoid! We're the only two in this room!

Trip: So what's that breathing down my neck?

Jon: So that wasn't you touching my ass?

Trip: Oooooohhhh they got phasers! Can I get one? Huh? Can I? Please cap'n!!!!

Jon: Who are you, Malcolm?

Trip: What? I guy can't just want a phaser... you know I love Star Trek!

Trip: What's behind us?

Jon: I don't know, but he just stabbed his rock in my arm, so I think he wants us to stay...

Trip: To do what, have TEA!?

Trip: Fancy a threesome?

Jon: Ever seen one of thoese guys naked?

Trip: No.

Jon: Well, those scales get pretty rough in places.

Trip: Oh...

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