Trip & Jon Do the CON #2

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I told you to turn left at Phoenix, Cap'n.

Trip: Now why'm Ah gettin' a feelin' of deja-vu?

Archer: I don't know. Instead of worrying where you've been, you might think of how you got us here in the first place, and how we're going to get OUT!

Trip: ME!? Whaddaya mean, me? Ah didn't make us crash-land on this godforsaken planet?

Archer: No? You didn't? Well, if you hadn't reached over me to get at your damn thermos, we wouldn't be here, would we?

Trip: Well, if you hadn't borrowed it, Ah wouldn't have had to reach for it.

Archer: Shut up. Just shut up.

Trip: What? Whaddid you saytome?

Archer: *glaring* You heard me. SHUT! UP!

Trip: You shut up. You and your damn gazelle speeches and your STUPID water polo match stories from college.

Archer: I thought you liked them.

Trip: It's an idiotic sport!

Archer: Take that back!

Trip: NO!

Archer: Take it!

Trip: Take THIS! *pops Archer on the nose*

Archer: *pops Trip back*

*they fight. they grab each other and roll down into the swamp we can't see in the picture. they stop. they rise from the water. they look at each other. they start making out.*


*both wake up in their underwear*

Trip: I still say it was your damn fault.

Archer: Hey, is it just me, or was that pretty damn good.

Trip: Well, yeah, I thought so, too.

Archer: Guess that explains all the fighting and sniping this trip. You feel like fighting right now?

Trip: No.

Archer: Me either. Pookie.

Trip: Don't look at me, Cap'n. It was *you* who wanted a plant to liven up the ready room.

Archer: How was I supposed to know that...

Plant: Feed me! Feed me NOW!

Jon: Do you think anyone can tell I'm not wearing any pants?

Trip: Naw. But, um, that better be a plant goin' up my ...

Trip: Wanna play Tarzan?

Jon: Only if I'm Tarzan.

Trip: I like it that way.....

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