Trip & Jon Do the CON #20

Half a dozen of you have made comments

"Make mine a LARGE indulgence"

Archer: When I said I wanted a *tall* one...

Trip: Oh look! It's just like that gigunda martini-glass-shaped hot tub they had at beautiful Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos.

Archer:...we've never gone to the Poconos.

Trip: Huh? Oh, yeah. Right. Um, commercials. Yeah, those commercials are *everywhere*. They always show the martini-glass-shaped hot tub on the commercials.

There must be some mistake. I ordered a large.

Trip: "Cap'n, I can't reach the straw!"

Archer: "That's okay, Trip. Step on the fork and I'll catapult you up."

Trip: I've heard about these new Warp Engines.

Archer: It's turning pick, why is it turning pink. What did you touch?

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