Trip & Jon Do the CON #25

A handful of people have made comments

"Cap'n, I told you not to drink so much iced tea."

Jon: You don't think anyone noticed, did you? Maybe one of us should go back to the table? What if someone noticed?

Trip: Look, this is your fantasy, Jon. I'm just going along with what the couples' therapist said.

Jon: Do you think someone noticed?

You're the engineer. YOU figure out a way to get in there! I really have to PEE!

Trip: Oh, God.

Trip: Ya know, this reminds me of an episode on one of those ancient TV shows I watched when I was a kid.

Jon: What? You mean, "Quantum Leap"?

Trip: Nah, that silly show?

Jon: (makes a face)

Trip: I mean, it was about this group of people who crashed landed on a planet where they were all teeny-tiny people in comparison to the planet's inhabitants. They had to deal with giants who either wanted to kill them or capture them as pets.

Jon: Sounds like something you'd watch, Trip.

Trip: Hey, watch out! There are some giants coming our way! I don't want to end up becoming someone's pet!

Jon: I won't let anyone take you, pookie! You're my one and only.

Trip: Ah...Jonny! You know I turn to mush whenever you get all sentimental on me. *smooch*

Jon: No time for that now, Trip. Come on...let's hide along the baseboard. Maybe we can run in before the door closes.

Trip: But how in the hell are we suppose to get back out?

Jon: One thing at a time, Trip. We'll figure that out once we get inside and I can empty my bladder.

Trip: I was afraid you'd say that. (sigh)

To boldly go where no action figure has gone before!

Trip cut that out! We're just small! We're not toys!

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