Trip & Jon Do the CON #26

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"This is our last quarter, Cap'n."

Jon: I don't have a gambling problem, dammit! Now give me that coin and go sell your uniform. I kind of got in deep with some guys over at the blackjack table.

Trip: Here's my lucky quarter, Jon. Come on, Lucky Lady shine down on us!

Jon: Come on...Daddy needs the honeymoon suite! We just need to win a big pot and our dreams can come true.

Trip: Ah, shucks, Cap'n. My dreams have already come true. I have you, don't I?

Jon: (turning towards Tucker with a silly grin on his face) sweet talker you. Come on, let's blow this popsicle stand.

Trip: What about the honeymoon suite, Jon?

Jon: Can't wait. Besides, I think this slot is stone cold.

Trip: Hmmmmm...I think I know a way to heat things up!

Jon: Room. Now!

Trip: Aye, cap'n!

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