Trip & Jon Do the CON #3

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L: Trip: "It's hotter'n hell out here!"
R: Archer: "Do you have the feeling we're being watched?"

L: Trip: Well, at least we didn't git awr cloths stolen this time.

R: Silik: Guess again, human! I always liked those coveralls.


L: Archer: C'mon, SOMEBODY stop. Trip's gonna melt. We've gotta get out of here!
R: Silik: Heeeeeeeeeeeey, guys! I never thought I'd find you! You found a really great hiding place! Man, I've been looking for you for, like, days! So. Whattaya wanna do next? I hear Dominic Keating's on soon. Wanna go see? C'mon, guys, that'll be oodles of fun!

1st Picture.

Trip: Cap'n, I am dyin' from the heat. I believe I've told you before that ticklin' behind the ears only works on Porthos!

2nd Picture.

Selik: I have a large cactus up my backside!

Trip: That's your problem. Wha'd'ya think, Cap'n?

Jon: I agree. Selik, a problem shared is a problem two people have got, 'stead of one.

Selik: Would you help me get the spines out?

Trip and Jon (as one): Not in this prequel!

Archer "There are no cars on this road!" Trip "I told you hitchhiking was a bad idea!"

Silik "Why do I always end up with the bad seat!"

First Pic

Trip: I gotta sit down, cap'n. Don't feel so good.

Jon: I told ya not to smoke it. It's a cactus, Trip, not an over-achieving marjauana leaf. *sigh* Maybe I can flag us down an ambulance.

2nd Pic

*Now I'll jump down and scare the hell outta the captain and Trip! Then yell surprise and take off my mask to show that I'm really Travis! 1...2...3!*


Trip: "Ow ow ow!"
Archer: "Hold on, I almost got the thorn out
of your head, wait a minute!"
Trip: "I feel like I'm in the Matrix."
Suliban: "Ha ha! I'm free!" (looks down at Archer and Trip) "ah shit. They're here! Well, back into the cactus!"

Archer: Doesn't that flower look alot like Silik?

trip: I never knew plants grew alians?

Silik:Help I'm stuck! This is the thornies plant I've ever sat on.

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