Trip & Jon Do the CON #34

A handful of people have made comments

"Trip, just how many shirts did you buy?"

Jon: In MY day, if the airline lost your luggage, they were the ones who looked for it...

Trip: Don't complain, Captain. Maybe we'll find your keys.

Trip: Man, the least she could do is help us move all this crap.

Archer: How can a Vulcan need so much luggage, anyway? Just how many new catsuits did she get at Expanse-Mart?

Trip: Malcolm's gonna have a FIELD DAY doing security checks on this stuff.

Jon: Okay Malcolm beam them up!!!! Trip that's the last time I EVER go shopping with you!

Trip: Hey you didn't complain when I bought you that red speedo now did ya!

Jon: My bag is in there somewhere....

Trip: Have fun tryin' to find it.

Jon: If you go and get it for me I'll be really nice to you.....

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