Trip & Jon Do the CON #4

Nine of you have made comments

"But it's a dry heat, Trip."

"I still think this isn't quite the right place for us to chance it." Jon said, looking up at the nearby road.

"Aw, come on." Trip whined.

"How about we go across the hotel instead, I'll let you wear a hawaiian shirt for a few minutes." Jon offered.

"Ok, sounds good to me." Trip said.

suggestive, not sleazy, Q!

Trip: *groans* I knew them 99 cent shrimp cocktails were too good to be true!

"Jeez, Jonny, I told ya I hate deserts."

"Come on, Trip. Just a little further. There'll be a banquet."

"Oh no, I hope it isn't snake meat! Or that soup. With it."

"Okay, forget the banquet. We'll just hit the buffet."

Jon: "Not heatstroke again! You've got a fever, Trip. I don't know how high. Now if I only had a thermometer..."

Archer "I said take us to Bakersfield, Not Baker!"
Trip "Baker, Bakersfield... Geez, you are never happy!"

Get down! There are collectors about!

Trip: This is a strange place to be takin' medical lessons, Cap'n.
Archer: Just cough, Commander.

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