Trip & Jon Do the CON #5

Half a dozen of you have made comments

"The guidebook said this place is much better than Risa."

"Man, they said it'd be hot, but this is ridiculous. I'm meltin'. After the photo ops, let's slip off to the pool where there's a lot of shade. What do you say?"

"Trip, I think we owe it to the fans to stay for the autograph signing session."

"Oh, yeah, sure...I'll stay. How long do ya think somethin' like that'll take?"

"Not long if we keep the line moving like *they* told us. Follow my lead."

"No problem, Cap'n. Next time we oughta haul T'Pol along just 'cause she said these conventions are illogical."


Trip: Hey, that Elvis impersonator guy looks kinda familiar...

Jon: Oh my God,MALCOLM?

Trip... "Phlox says if we stay out here our hair will go back to normal."
Archer... "Ok, but will we still be dressed like that Elvis impersonator over there?"
Trip... "Why do I even talk to you?"

Trip: ...and here we are!
Archer: You remembered!
Trip: Yup. The very first place we got drunk and baptized the shrubbery together.
Archer: You're such a sentimentalist.

Jon: Hey Trip! Look at that bilboard! I think I just won the lottery!!!!

Trip: Uh... did I mention you were always my best friend?

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