Trip & Jon Do the CON #6

A whole mess of folks have made comments

Archer: Do you have a room with a view?
Trip: A view of the strip!
Clerk: How many beds do you need?

Jon: Remember, Trip, we're Mr. and Mrs. John Smith in town for a vacuum cleaner conference...

Trip: Sure. Hey, you got any of those vibrating beds?

Clerk: I'm sorry, gentlemen, but you must be over 21 inches tall to stay at this hotel.

Jon: WHAT?

Trip: I'm callin' my lawyer.

Trip: Stop it! No tickling until we get upstairs!
Archer: Spoilsport...

Jon: What do you mean I'm not allowed to touch my lover's ass here in the lobby? You people need to grow up and become a part of the 22nd century.

Trip: Chill out, Jon. Just get the key. I'll make it worth your while.

Jon: Oh boy!

Trip..."Can we get seperate rooms?"
Archer..."I didn't eat that much chili!"
Trip..."Yeah, but Porthos did eat alot of cheese!"

Jon: No...I definitely told the reservationist that I wanted a KING-size bed. Not two twinbeds pushed together.

Trip: Yeah, you tell 'em, Cap'n. Ya get going on one of those twin side-by-sides and ya just don't know what might happen.

Jon: Yeah, like when the beds part like the Red Sea at the most inopportune moment.

Trip: Oh gawds...don't remind me! I'm still recovering. (rubs sore backside)

Jon: I'll make it up to you, baby, just as soon as this joker gives us a room with a king.

Trip: Yeah...with a built in massage unit.

Jon: And a mirrored ceiling.

Trip: (searches his numerous pockets for some loose change) Here, just be nice to us and we'll make it worth your while.

Jon: Trip...don't give him ALL of our chips. We need those later.

Trip: Don't know 'bout you, Jon, but I'm not plannin' ta hit the casino right away. I'd like ta start my away mission by investigating every curve, plane, surface, and orifice that I find atop that king-size bed, if ya catch my drift.

Jon: Can't wait 'til you begin your reconnaissance mission, Commander. *smooch*

Trip: (trying to talk with Jon's tongue down his throat) So...what'll it be (kiss) Big Guy? Us making out (slurp) in private (mmmm!) on our king-size, deluxe bed, (moan) OR us making out (sigh) right here in public (kiss) in your lobby????

Jon: Sorry to bother you, but can you tell us what room SpaceCowboy is staying in?

Trip: Or perhaps just give us the keys to her room?

Jon: Why are all these strange people here so big?

Trip: Hey, think they got giant sized pecan pie?!

Jon: *Pinch Pinch*

Trip: Hey, I thought we were gonna stop doin' that!

Jon: Sorry. Oh, excuse me sir, but can we have a room on the top floor?

Clerk: No, I'm sorry, we don't serve, Male Lovers, here. How about you vacation in Vermont next time...

Trip: Ain't it funny that Malcolm, Phlox and Travis had freak accidents and couldn't come our lads' weekend away?

Jon: Mmm. Yes.

Trip: And ain't it strange the only room the hotel has is a double?

Jon: Well we will just have to make do, Trip.

Trip: If I didn't know better I would think you had planned this. I'm startin' to feel a little uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Jon:(whispers) Don't worry the two of us will get very comfy.

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