Trip & Jon Do the CON #7

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We need to rest up for tonight!

Trip: Uh,...Jon? You're on my side of the bed...
Archer: So I am. (heh heh heh)

'Oh god, here I am lyin' next to Jonny again. How the hell am I goin' to explain to mah best friend I have the hots for him? What if he doesn't want me? What if he throws me out onto the street? Will I have to resort to sellin' myself for money? What if Silik shows up again? What if..." (Trip's thoughts just before Jon ravishes him)

T: That counterpain is really painful
A: Just lie back and close your eyes, if you don't look at it the nausea eases a little.

Jon: Yeah, the front desk says they use the 'Hamburglar' linen line in all their rooms...Ah, Trip, is that a roll of quarters in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Trip..."I asked for my own room!"
Archer..."The front desk says it will be ready soon. Just relax!"
Trip..."Relax! My god! I'm in a hotel room with my gassy captain and his dog and these stripes are making me ill!"
Archer..."I said I'd open a window!"

Jon: God...we're finally here. We're finally away from T'Pol, Phlox, and all the rest of 'em.

Trip: Hey, they ain't that bad, Jon...really.

Jon: No? Hell, if they knew what we were planning to do in this room while we're on shoreleave, they'd all go whinning to Admiral Forrest. Damn fraternization rules!

Trip: Uh...Jon? What *are* we planning to do in this room? *smirk*

Jon: (turns to face his companion) My warp core is running a bit hot.

Trip: Oh baby. I love it when you talk my language.

Introducing the Connor Trinneer Haberdashery line of bed linens, exclusively at Star Trek: The Experience!

Trip: Hey, this stuff reminds me of that shirt I had -
Archer ::shudders:: Yeah, I remember it. We had to get you really drunk before we could steal it to burn...
Trip: That was *you*?? All these years, and you never told me...
Archer: I'd apologise, but these stripes are making my eyes go all funny.

Trip: Look at all that room on your side of the bed. Why do you have to be on my side?

Archer: Rolling room. ::evil smirk::

Jon: Wakey, wakey...

Trip: What the--how'd you--Get out of my room, you pervert!

Jon: Geez, ever since T'Pol came into his life, he's forgotten our relationship completely!

Trip: I heard that!

Jon: Good!

Trip: Oh, your goin down! *Trip jumps on Jon, and a maid walks in.*

Maid: Oh, excuse me sirs, I should have knocked.

Trip: Gee, ya think!?

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