During the production of an episode, the script undergoes many changes and rewrites, sometimes even up to the day of filming. In addition, entire scenes or portions of scenes which appear in the script may be filmed but later edited out of the aired version of the episode due to lack of screen time. The director may also decide ahead of time not to even film a particular scene.

We have obtained copies of many of the episode scripts and have recorded some instances where the script differs from what you see on the screen. Each of these scenes involves Trip. Click on the links below to view the differences and see if you prefer the version which aired or the one in the script!

MANY thanks to the generous and helpful VickyDee!!!!

Scenes with Trip and Malcolm  ||   Scenes with Trip and T'Pol  ||   Scenes with Trip and other characters

We, of course, will focus on scenes with Trip and Archer!

Ep 104 "Unexpected" (Bridge, with Malcolm, T'Pol)
Ep 116 "Shuttlepod One" (Shuttle, with Malcolm)
Ep 124 "Desert Crossing" (In the shelter)
Ep 205 "A Night In Sickbay" (Sickbay)
Ep 224 "First Flight" (Launch Bay)
Ep 310 "Similitude" (Trip's Quarters)
Ep 310 "Similitude" (Corridor w/Phlox, Porthos)
Ep 310 "Similitude" (Launch Bay)
Ep 310 "Similitude" (Engineering, with T'Pol)
Ep 310 "Similitude" (Mess Hall, with Malcolm)

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