Dedicated to the long-standing relationship between Jonathan Archer and Trip Tucker

and part of the great House of Tucker.
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Trip and Archer's Reunion



Join the "Trip Lives!" campaign and send your postcards NOW - June 2005!

And a huge welcome to you! This page is for *all* of us, who see Archer & Trip's relationship in a myriad of ways.

Welcome to those who see the Big Brother/Little Brother Dynamic; welcome to those who see the Mentor/Protegé Relationship; welcome to those who see the Captain/Commander military relationship; welcome, finally, to those who see the two as red hot lovers. The slash is for you.

What is so wonderful about these two? They are portrayed by talented, generous actors. They are rich, complex, ever-growing characters. They are terribly, terribly attractive, some say.

Their relationship, however you conceive it, is one of the closest, warmest and most open and honest male relationships on television. It is a joy to watch them interacting.

I must warn you that this site contains (if you hadn't already noticed) content of an adult nature, so consider yourselves warned. Leave now if you plan to get offended.


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